Electonic Beats interview

A short yet informative interview with Roisin at the Electronic Beats festival in Zagreb the other day. She speaks of a few new collaborations that will be released some time in the future.

How does it feel as an independent artist these days?

Fine, good. I haven't been doing very much music recently, but I'll get back into it.

Any plans to return to EMI or not?
I don't know, what we'll release next.

After 'Orally Fixated', 'Demon Lover' and 'Momma's Place', there haven't been any new releases, you've been pregnant with your daughter. How did this huge personal step influence you as an artist?
Well, I took a lot of time off; and quite often I think, I was ready and then realised I wasn't. I didn't quite have the identity to go for with the whole album. I didn't have in mind the kind of an artist, that I want to be … after baby … after 6 albums. And this is still forming for me, to be honest.

Did you work on any new songs since then?
Yes, I've worked on few bits & pieces. I have recorded a track with David Morales, and that will be on his record, I've done a big, sexy song called Simulation with some people, and it will be performed tonight.

Your latest new work comes in form of a duet: Tony Christie's '7 Hills' …
Friends of mine from Sheffield were working on an album and asked me to write a track and it turned into a duet.

There were quite a lot of collaborations for you lately. Why did you choose to focus on collaborations?
It's really hard to answer why I do those things, but basically things just come into my life. People chose me already and I've just reacted. It's more a reaction then a proaction recently, so if somebody ask me to do something I like, Ill do it. And usually that's how everything works in my life. I allow it to kinda happen to me. And that's how my career has always been - I'm waiting for things to happen.

When will your next solo release come out and what can we expect from it?
I don't know and I don't know.

You previewed your song 'Demon Lover' for the first time during the Viktor & Rolf 2009 Paris Fashion Week show. How did this came together?
They just asked me to collaborate musically and I did something almost like now, DJ and sang. Simple as that.

Any plans of repeating this kind of event?
There are always things going on with connection to fashion for me. I love it, so you never know.



AmazonValkyrie said...

She's one of the only artists that I will remain a loyal fan to and patiently await her next solo release. She's just too good to ever turn away! An artist to the core, to be sure ^_^

Anonymous said...

She doesn't sound too optimistic like she did in the XOXO magazine. I would hate for her to stop making music altogether. Not too many artists like her come around. You would think with artists like Adele, Frankmusik, and Florence + The Machine that they would recognize her and collaborate with her but... *sigh*.
It would be nice if she released at least a couple (2-3 tops) of albums before she decides not to make anymore. Again, I would hate for her to not release albums. Wonderful artist...

-From the US.

jackson said...

She sounded just fine in the video interview for the same event. She said she wants to keep on making music regardless of format and she talked about becoming ready to make a proper record again. And why would she work work with Adele or Frankmusic? They are dreadful.

jackson said...

I am talking about the video interview for Electronic Beats Zagreb.

Anonymous said...

Well maybe not Frankmusik but Adele is a great artist (maybe not to you).And I saw the video RIGHT AFTER I typed that last night and yes to an extend you are right, but I was also on a Roisin Murphy forum and someone will say the same thing bout her not being to optimistic about making music again. When I saw the video it made me feel a little better because she said she'd ((maybe)) make music and tour again when she's ready. What I was concerned with was her not making anymore albums say after the album we all have been waiting for.

jackson said...

this is Roisin we are talking about. she has said numerous times in the past that she is not the kind of person to plan five records ahead, so a conversation about what she will do after a record she hasn't even recorded is pointless.

i'm sure that, under one form or another, she will continue to make music, because that's what she is passionate about. she is just being realistic in what concerns the old model of making a record and touring it for an year. it's certainly not a model that'll work when you have a small child.

in regards to Adele: good singer. boring artist. (just an opinion, of course.)

Anonymous said...

Im not looking for an argument to be honest with you. Just my general opinion and comment on how I look at it. That's all.

Katie said...

Perhaps she should go back to working with Matthew Herbert again!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Go around 18 mins into this podcast for ne wRoisin music!

SHREM said...

"SIMULATION" is easily one of the coolest tracks La Murphy has recorded in recent years! Such a juicy beat, deep house anthem in the making! Oh how I'd love to get my hands on the mp3 of this... New track with David Morales sounds very promising too, as long as she keeps delivering such epic collaborations like the ones with The Crookers, Mason or Toddla T I don't mind waiting for more solo stuff... Really hope she will eventually release "Leviathan" too!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Roisin muprhy is credited also as an acrtess on imdb, with a movie called

what richard did...do you know more about this project?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

wild speculation: Tim Deluxe.