For those guilty of leaky naughtiness

Judging by recent posts on Ms Murphy's official message board, most of you have already heard or (illegally!) downloaded most songs of the new album. You naughty Roisin devotees!

The only way she will ever forgive you is if you also go out and BUY the album when it is released next month. She needs our support and, more importantly, great sales figures to obtain the superstar status she has been deserving for so long. If this doesn't happen, we may land up like this!


Violatrix said...

Oh no, honey, we're hoping for that.

Okay, not exactly that...but close enough.

Ro can handle.

Brent said...

I've already pre-ordered 4 copies from four different sites. I'm trying to figure out which site ships the the states the fastest. I'll let you know.

Can't wait to get my hands on the signed boxset of "Let Me Know" from Recordshop though.