New pictures and interview in Blond

These new pictures were taken for the German lifestyle magazine Blond, which also features an interview with Roisin.

She told the magazine about her life in London's Cricklewood with Charlie and Simon. She loves watching The Sopranos and the The Wire. When the interviewer admits to never having seen the series, Roisin gives an indignant rendition of one of the characters: "Yo, what's all up in the game, motherfucker! What, you haven't seen it? Yeeeeah man, this shit is dope! Get it on DVD! It's wicked". She also likes looking at human behaviour from a purely technical perspective: "It's (...) quite cool to look at things like that! Let's make it very robotic!".

Click here to read the interview (in German).
Pictures by Thomas Schweigert (see www.purephotography.de).

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