Hussein Chalayan exhibition

A few nights ago Roisin was at opening of the Hussein Chalayan exhibition in the Design Museum in London.

I live just round the corner from the museum and wasn't even aware of this event taking place. What's more, I got a text in the middle of the night from a colleague who had just been dancing with a tipsy Roisin in the Soho Revue Bar! I missed out big time!

Thanks to Betty for the pictures.


Natasha said...

...what i knew i should have been out on the town then. oh well, the exhibition awaits me tomorrow!

a. said...

aw no!

well, im sure there are many more opportunities to bump into miss murphy again over there in london than there are here.

goodness, if i loved across the pond, id be on the lookout 24/7...is that bad?

hee, xxx

a. said...

ps, you've inspired me for the title of my newest post ;]

joana said...

i'd kill to dance with tipsy róisín!

Sxy Fashion Queen said...

Love the piece from Hussei Chalayan Inertia Spring 2009 collection. And love your site!

Metellus said...

must be funny to dance with her, I think this should give an abstract scene because it looks strange when I ... "daaance" =D