Roisin & Groove Armada

Groove Armada's Andy Cato worked on Roisin's last album Overpowered. Then, in October 2007, Roisin and Groove Armada played a double show in Amsterdam. Now she will be collaborating with the duo on their forthcoming album.

"She's definitely in the frame," Cato says. "She's going to come over here in a couple of weeks' time and put down a couple of tracks".

Cato is very impressed with Roisin's vocal skills: "She's an amazing singer. She's full of life and she's definitely up for it. Also, she tells things like they are are – there's no messing about. But then so do I. We spend most of the time laughing".

Cato revealed the record, as yet untitled and slated for an early summer release, will have a "gritty rock vibe". "We're getting the whole band into my studio. We're going to be gigging in the studio – and make the gig the album".

Source: hotpress.com


Natasha said...


i also think a hot chip collaboration would be the bomb!

Anonymous said...


she is fabulous, i only can hope she will not do the pretty girls game, as she used to have more story -like pictures, and these ones (although she is awesome) lack an atmosphere, a message

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