More from NYFW

Betty sent me some more pictures taken in New York this week.

The second one shows Roisin sitting front row at the Diesel Black Gold show, next to Nicole Richie.


a. said...

where oh where was the first taken?!

i love it.


Party Weirdo said...

WOW, I LOVE that black dress... on her especially.

but I'm wondering who is doing her hair all the time with this high wave? she on her own? looks difficult to do... i like it, but it is used kind of inflationary. maybe she's sick of open hair all the time from touring ; )

In the second picture the girl with the black hair behind her is funny. obviously she didn't like what was coming next on the catwalk....

Anonymous said...

Roisin looks so good. I like Nicole Richie's style too but sitting next to Roisin she just looks like a kid. Roisin is so much more sophisticated.