Turn up the bass

If you're into very heavy bass (and I mean heavy) then check out this video of Roisin performing the Loose Cannons remix of Overpowered at the Rodarte dinner last week.


Kaiser said...

Thanks for posting - this is our version of the remix she's performing & as far as I know, it's the first time she has.

You've made my day. Cheers.

Kaiser Saucy
The Loose Cannons

A Hopeless Optimist said...

You're welcome! It sounds great, doesn't it? I must say your remix of Overpowered is my absolute favourite. It's the only one on my iPod, if that is anything to go by :)

Hopeless Optimist.

sblackadder said...

It's "bass", not "base".

Anonymous said...

nice to see a message from the loose cannons themselves!
i also really enjoyed your remix when it was out!

anyway i don't think the bass was that loud in the room. it's just because of the crappy microphone that most of cameras have.

A Hopeless Optimist said...

To 'sblackadder': thanks for the correction! HO x