News from the Toddla studio

Some more news on the new album!

Roisin has gone back to the city that shaped her musical roots and is working with Sheffield producer Toddla T. Here is what he writes on his official site:

Been in studio with Roisin Murphy last coupla days makin some propa sheffiiieellll mussssssic

She has a new look.. strong look

Personally I can't wait to hear the outcome of the collaboration, as Toddla's remix of You Know Me Better is one of my favourite Roisin remixes. Last year I spoke to Toddla T and he told me how exited he was about remixing a Roisin track (link).

Source: toddlat.com
Thanks to Sakib!


Tortuga said...

love that photo xD

Lee B. said...

Very excited about this! I hope she works with Seiji again too.

Jeff Wood said...

That's actually kind of exciting! I like his remix of YKMB. i guess it's also nice that Róisín is sticking to the electronica vibe.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes! Can't wait. As long as Toddla doesn't get the Calvin Harris treatment ;))

Metty said...

a strong look
the look of a will-be mother!