Toddla T on remixing Roisin

With his remix for You Know Me Better, Sheffield DJ Toddla T has created an incredibly original and uplifting urban take on the track.

As Arjan Writes wrote on his music blog:

The Toddla T remix pushes the original track into a completely, unexpected direction. The Sheffield street-savvy soundboard wizard keeps Roisin's vocals intact but stripped them entirely from Andy Cato's production. He replaces the catchy disco arrangement with an electro-driven hip hop and dancehall vibe that is that is somewhat reminiscent of Diplo's signature Baltimore shuffle. It's a very cool remix that truly offers up something new and different.

How does Toddla T feel about being asked to remix You Know Me Better? Here's what he told me:

I was made up when I was asked to do this remix, I think Roisin is amazin'.

She lived in Sheffield (my home town) for a while, so even though we might be a musical generation apart, we've both been influenced by Sheffield's unique eclecticism. This connection makes working with her really special for me.

Visit Toddla T's MySpace here.


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