Culture Show revelations

> The video of Roisin on the Culture Show last night, where several revelations were made:

1. Roisin was quite nervous before her busking in Covent Garden.
2. She collected £65.14 in total during her 15 minute performance, which makes her the most successful busker so far.
3. Movie Star will be released as a single in the summer.


Lee B. said...

I'm sooo happy there's going to be another single (I honestly thought there wouldn't) and that it's going to be MOVIE STAR! :-D

There seems to be a bit of negativity towards MS with Róisín fans which I do not get at all. It's a fantastic upbeat pop song and the most obvious single choice on the album. I can't believe some people actually said release Primitive as a single over this... anyway I'm glad EMI has seen sense and is releasing this.

I'd have been a happy with Dear Miami too if they wanted to release a "slower" song off the album. I'm still hoping for a Kleerup remix of it...

Anonymous said...

Never liked nor understood Movie Star until I saw Roisin performing it in the Roundhouse a few weeks ago. Suddenly it clicked! A country western make-over of the song would be great for a b-side ;)

"I'm a trusting soul not ashamed of living dangerously"

Metellus said...

oh that is so marvelous! a new single :D

did you see this woman who had that money-can??? this is the tour manager if I did see right, the woman I talked to before the Berlin Gig.

65 pounds after that busking wonder?
no wonder :P but that's very lovely and she was "the winner" of that challenge.


Anonymous said...

I love Movie Star--fab single choice...but to be honest, any track on the album is stellar and would make a good choice.

Thanks for the update and congrats Roisin on the busking results!

Hernes said...

I thought it would be "Movie star"! But i'm still hoping they will also release "Tell everybody".

Benjivolt said...

I REALLY would like Footprints to be a single too!!

Anonymous said...

Please come to Croatia!

VC said...

Can we somehow get Roisin to release an acoustic version of Overpowered? The version she did when busking in Covent Garden sounded incredible!

Maybe just a few of the songs, at least? An EP version? Someone who is registered on her forum should mention it there. I'd sign up, but my eyes can't handle those colors for more than a few seconds.