One night at the Roundhouse

Miss Murphy gave a sell out concert at London's Roundhouse last night. As always, she was full of surprises.

The two semi-acoustic opening songs of the show, Modern Timing and the Moloko classic The Time Is Now, were beautifully understated. Roisin has clearly discovered the acoustic setting as a way to display her vocal skills.

Performing the next six songs, starting with You Know Me Better, Roisin entered more familiar territory. However, after Footprints came the evening's biggest musical surprise: a country version of Body Language, sung with a slight Southern slur. Brilliant! Just after the first verse Roisin joked about being the next Shania Twain. Based on last night's performance, I'm sure she could pull it off with ease.

Next on was The Truth, Roisin's collaboration with Handsome Boy Modelling School, featuring a rap by the lady herself. In a sequence of three songs the audience got to hear some soul, country and hip hop. Never before has Roisin displayed her versatility to such an extent.

The show ended with a few audience favourites, including Movie Star and Let Me Know. Tell Everybody and Ramalama (Bang Bang) were reserved for the encore. After that, Roisin and her entourage left the stage, leaving the audience craving for more.

A great night, a great show. An even greater lady!

The complete set list:

-- intro --
Modern Timing (semi acoustic)
The Time Is Now (semi acoustic)

You Know Me Better
Checkin' On Me
Dear Miami
Sow Into You
Body Language (the 'Shania Twain version')
The Truth
Movie Star
Forever More
Keep On/Let Me Know

-- encore --
Tell Everybody
Ramalama (Bang Bang)

Picture courtesy of Hidden Shine. Check out her other amazing photos from the show here.


Anonymous said...

noooooo.. what about Cry Baby

Anonymous said...

No more crying. He's a happy baby now. (Did miss the song though :)

Anonymous said...

was a great show, fantastic. cracking photos there too.

Lee B. said...

Hope somebody recorded some footage of Modern Timing and Body Language!

Sounds like it was a fantastic show :-D

Anonymous said...

the show was awfully brilliant,
simply ecstatic!

thnxxx a lot for promoting the photographs and crediting me.

hidden shine/natalia urazmetova

A Hopeless Optimist said...

To Hidden Shine/Natalia Urazmetova:

You're more than welcome. As I said in the post, your pictures are amazing!

Anonymous said...

hey - fab photos and fab site btw! It was a great show much better than KOKO imo!

Steve :)

sakib said...

Wish I coulda been there! Róisín I think needs to either do either a death metal song or maybe vocals for a Basement Jaxx song!

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