More from the Choice Music awards

Roisin performing lovely mellowed down versions of You Know Me Better & Overpowered at the Choice Music Prize awards.

Don't you dare classify her as a disco diva!

> You Know Me Better

> Overpowered


Sakib said...

You definitely can't shunt her into just a disco genre, Róisín Murphy is fantastically versatile and that is one of the best things about her, that she can pull off all these different vocal styles with razmatazz! I'm pretty sure she did some rapping on a gig once!

*Cyrilius* said...

Thanks a lot, I'm amazed by the acoustic taste she succeeds in giving to her songs. I share sakib's opinion, she's such a true artist who can produce so different things, give different thrills to her listeners. She's a true artits, a true singer.

Hernes said...

Her hair looks great!

Metellus said...

oh myyyy, the YKMB acoustic version is such optimistic!

Sakib said...

@hernes: yes her hair is extremely radiant, Saturn's rings would dazzle more brightly if they were made out of her hair!
@cyrillus: you speak wisely, Róisín is an artist at heart and it gladdens me that she wasn't actively seeking a music career, destiny thrusted her onto the path she was meant to be walking! It also saddens me that she isn't appreciated as much as she should be because she genuinely cares about the music and doesn't give a flamimg hell about fame and fortune. That is what makes her honest and pure plus she is quite cool and weird and likes completely different things that are considered to be unfashionable.
If I ever met her, I would make a hearty attempt at baking her a cake with cherries.