Roisin & the Beckhams

Speak about world peace, the environment or your favourite movie and the media couldn't care less. However, express your view on the Beckhams and they lap up your words.

Reported by WENN:

Singer Roisin Murphy has launched a stinging attack on soccer ace David Beckham, accusing him of displaying a "disturbing" lack of charisma whenever he's interviewed.
The former Moloko star is infuriated by the L.A. Galaxy hunk's inability to speak from the heart, claiming he employs a robotic response and a blank facial expression to answer questions about his personal life.

Murphy has issued an appeal to Beckham to stop hiding his true personality on TV - because it makes for dull viewing, and leaves her feeling angry.

She tells WENN, "He gets on my tits! I saw him on (British talk show) Parkinson and they had this close up of his face. The whole interview was just his face on the screen - his face was filling the screen. And there was nothing there. There was no let-up in the stock answers - he was like a politician, in his own way.

"I find it quite surprising - he doesn't have to be like that. He's a good looking lad and he's really talented. He doesn't have to play it that safe with his own persona. Victoria (Beckham) doesn't do that, does she? She lets slip.

But he never lets slip. And there's not even a flicker or a blink and he's straight into the answer he wants to give and to me that's a bit disturbing. He should just let loose a little bit and be himself."

In the meantime she has hailed David's wife Victoria's bold style choices. And Murphy believes Beckham's influence on the fashion industry will be a lasting one - but concedes she'll never make an impact on the "high brow" market.

"I think she's actually got her own style now. I think she's getting there with something that might last. I think she's at the point where she's made some or enough images that will actually stand some kind of test of time. "It'll never be high brow what she does. But it'll never be that normal either and I kinda like her for that. It's not that average either, it's not bland. She's giving it a go. She makes it work, sometimes."

Picture courtesy of Alistair Allen


Anonymous said...

This is the weirdest interview I have ever read!? where is it from? and it says nothing about Ró.... is it like a gossip magazine?

A Hopeless Optimist said...

It's a typical piece of British celebrity obsessed non-news. Just thought I'd post though...

Anonymous said...

no it is great insight but yeah as you said... non-news :P

it is amazing how you get all these news and pictures so quickly! keep up the great work! : )

Anonymous said...

Interesting point she made on VickyB...

Thanks for keeping us up to date!