BBC 6 Music interview

You can now listen to the BBC 6 Music interview with Roisin, where she discusses her future musical plans:

* Roisin is working with various London producers to record her new album, which will have a more urban and gritty sound than Overpowered.

* She has left EMI. A string of arguments and disagreements between the label and the singer eventually lead to the split. Roisin is not quite sure who will release her third album, as she has not yet signed a new contract.

* Before releasing a whole new album, she wants to release "bundles and packages" of music. She doesn't expect to have a new album completed within a year and a half.

* The "big funky house track" Demon Lover will be released before the end of the summer, possible as part of an EP.

Click here or here to listen to the interview.


Anonymous said...


This is the second bad new in a week...

Takeahitjake said...

^ She still said that we'd be getting new music, worry not.

Metellus said...

left EMI...well well well
what a PITYYY

-oh sarcasm-

lets celebrate the return of some sequins :D

i like the news

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