Roisin to feature on Tony Christie album

After singing together at the iTunes Live festival in 2008, I can reveal that Roisin will make a guest appearance on Tony Christie's album Now Is The Time. Christie is famous for his song Is This The Way To Amarillo.

The new album by the Sheffield singer will be released early next year.


Anonymous said...

After a long stint with Moloko, Stevens continues to work with singer Roisin Murphy

Someone from Poland said...
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Someone from Poland said...

One thing intrigues me actually:

namely the official site >>> "Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)"...but why Róisín, why my request is bad...?!

ok...I start to speak nonsenses, maybe because of this temperature :)
Excuse me.

Just wonder how will be look the new one in the future :)

Someone from Poland said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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