Hit the road Ro

From tomorrow Roisin will once again hit the roads of Europe to do a couple of live shows. Some of the dates were previously cancelled as a result of her accident in Moscow last October.

Starting with a gig in Berlin's Kesselhaus, Roisin will perform at the following venues:

24/01 - Roxy, Prague, Czech Repbulic
25/01 - Klub Studio, Krakow, Poland
26/01 - Stodola, Warsaw, Poland
28/01 - Dream Factory, Riga, Latvia
29/01 - Rock Café, Tallinn, Estonia
30/01 - House of Culture, Helsinki, Finland

To celebrate Roisin's tour, here are some great video's of the opening of her show in Barcelona last month...

> Cry Baby

> You Know Me Better

> Checkin' On Me


Pablo said...

Hey, it's Stodola! "O", not "U".
Great blog, greater artist :-)

Cristina said...

"That's why I'm here Barcelona, to make you dance tonight...

I know I don't have to try too hard in this town"

haha she know us well!

It was an amazing show, thanks for posting the videos (the ones I got aren't as good). Hopefully she's come back soon!

For pics of that night: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cri-crii/sets/72157601601665542/