YKMB artwork news

A new Roisin Murphy single release always promises some amazing artwork. I can now reveal that the cover of You Know Me Better will look something like this picture.

Don't you believe me? Well then click here to watch an exclusive backstage video of the photo shoot, which took place in a London pub last spring. It was part of Roisin's famous collaboration with graphic designer/artist Scott King and photographer Jonathan De Villiers.


Anonymous said...

I'm slightly disappointed :/

Something un-related but I'd really like a remix of "Dear Miami" by Kleerup, or anybody really as long as it's downbeat/melancholy electro-pop. That's currently my favourite track on Overpowered.

a. said...

aw, i was hoping it was something we hadnt already seen before...

oh well im sure it will be fabulous, it is roisin.

peppefrank said...

It seems like Roisin is going to promote all the singles from Overpowered following the same directive. Hope the video will be more eccentric...more "molokosque"!
Roisin I love you!!!!