Warsaw 26/01/08

Roisin delivered a great performance in the Polish capital Warsaw last night (picture taken by o!zbyszek).

For those of you who master the Polish language, there's a full review of the show on the music blog 7kettles.com.

Update: see comments for a translation of the review, courtesy of blog reader Mimi Zeta Jones.


karina said...

more kewl photos from warsaw:


Mimi Zeta Jones said...

I' ve just translated this. I can send on email:)

Anonymous said...

more pics here:

A Hopeless Optimist said...

A translation of the review from 7kettles.com, done by Mimi Zeta Jones:

I think we've waited long enough, babe.

I have just came home one hour ago from the concert and I am still shaking inside.

Her perfomance was genius, almost perfect. No, not almost. It was ideal. It was in 100% perfect. I cant say no bad word about it. The 26 th of January will stay in my mind as the best night in my life.

I heard the concert from Belgium, and I possibly knew what could I expect. Roisin presented almost the same stuff. But when I felt it and herad it live I was on my knees. The songs from ‘Ovepowered’ and The Pandora, Sow into You, Ramalama, The Truth and Forever more… It was Two hours of pure freak and great fun. I danced all the time feeling the beat. Its not so usual for me, but I feel this that night. It was one problem, everybody felt it, it was tight, that there were no space for small needle;) Every face from the audience looked at her fascinated. The sound was great, but what I saw was the best. Roisin looks better live that on the photos.

She changed her clothes, she dressed and undressed. She showed every song with a different face of a woman. She wore transparent white top (long sleeve?), leather cowboy jacket, black cloak, pink fur, long gloves changing from black to pink… On the blond head she put famous pink beret or black hat. Once She hid her pretty face under masks. For the final songs she was wearing a silver dress.

She made a great perfomance dancing, jumping,twigging,lieing on the floor, giving smile or a hand to the audience. She moved like a robot, she showed music with her body. Behing her, on the screen we could see a lot of visualitation. Dear Miami was showed with burning palms, Forever more with Lichtenstein paintings, Promitive with small mikroanimals. But she was the great scenic animal on the Stodola floor.

I think that Miss Murphy was happy, she has big fun too, she smiles a lot, cause maybe she felt energy and love from people.

The highlight of the night?

Every song by song. In the beginning Cry baby, started with long evolueting intro, when everybody looked around giving the same question ‘where does she is?’ Sfter this she sang my favorite Pandora and Movie Star from The Chair. That she presented The Truth when she spoke with some hip hop, she hugged pink fur singing Scarlet Ribons. The concert was finished for bis with Tell Everybody and Ramalama, during the last song she improvised the fight with her choir (girls) It was so comic to look at the three women fights with the rhythm of ramalama beat. The girls from the choir need some good words too. They were the best supplement for the Star of Warsaw windy night.

This event will stay in my mind and heart for a long time. I walked away from Stodola speechless and full of euforii. Its all I can say in this moment. I am tired and full of joy. You must believe me. The poster is hanging above my bed, it almost 5 oclock. Goodnight.