Interior decorating a la Murphy

A sneak peak in Roisin's London home...

1. DINNER TABLE AND CHAIRS “These are made of Danish rosewood. The design of the table is really clever in that it folds down into a perfect circle.”

2. CUSHIONS “These are linen and velvet. My mother-in-law made them for me. She has a textile company that makes the most beautiful curtains.”

3. BRASS MICE “My mice were from a charity shop – I love their big ears and ’60s feel.”

4. RUG “This is a silk Persian rug which I’ve had for about seven years. It cost £3,000 – the first really expensive thing I bought for my home.”

5. DOLL “She belongs to Simon and is a gothic cartoon character.”

6. PRINTS “My uncle took this photo of jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie. The oil painting is by the artist Derek Thomas and was a birthday present from my boyfriend.”

Some of Roisin's style tips:
* With modernist furniture, opt for warm, organic pieces made in wood to avoid the room looking too stark.
* Mix traditional pieces, such as a Persian rug, with contemporary designs.
* Plan bookshelves carefully. Count the number and size of your books before you put them up.


FashionVictim said...

I'm off to do my shopping, so I can do some DIY this weekend ;) FV.

Anonymous said...

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