YKMB review

Yahoo! Music gives You Know Me Better 9 out of 10 stars but reckons it's time for Roisin to get some of that all important tabloid press:

What exactly does Roisin Murphy have to do to sell records in this country? She's got one of the most insinuating voices in music, as much style in each publicity shot as Kylie Minogue and her stylist/sidekick William Baker have mustered in a decade and she's a fascinating pop persona: part glamour puss, part ice queen and part bona fide eccentric. She's even got round to writing some fantastic tunes.

Just listen to "You Know Me Better", which pulls off the trick of sounding modern and off kilter, yet undeniably, unstoppably poppy. Over a fat squelchy rhythm and feverish panting, Murphy delivers a typically original vocal, half whipped cream and half broken glass, before topping the whole concoction off with a chorus that infects your brain like meningitis. If this one doesn't get the UK to take notice, there's nothing for it, Roisin: time to grab yourself a footballer or an interesting drug addiction.

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Pipo said...

A wonderful, to-the-point description of my favourite, favourite song and a saddening reminder of an unfair truth.