Clash Music interview

A recent interview with Roisin from clashmusic.com:

There are troopers, and then there’s Roisin Murphy. Not only did she film the famous ‘Sing It Back’ video with a dance-threatening injury, but here she is, spurting out new material not three weeks after becoming a mum.

Salutes all round, then. Mind you, even dancefloor icons have their limits...

“It’s much too soon for me to be thinking about going out and playing again… maybe when Clodagh’s past the ‘nightclub’ stage. Right now she sleeps all day and likes to come alive for a bit of a dance through the night. She’s a lot like her mother that way.”

Still, even before Murphy Jr came into the world, she’d already inspired the recently-emerged track ‘Momma’s Place’, in which Roisin dishes out sound motherly advice while incongruous jagged disco implosions blart away, suggesting that being with child did wonderful things for her muse.

“I’ve been very prolific while pregnant,” she admits. “Hormonally I was very inspired, and, of course, doing [big single] ‘Overpowered’ has given me lots more confidence, I don’t get shy any more about working in any situation or with anyone at all, which is quite new for me.”

Indeed, the ex-Moloko lass can now hand-pick her production partners, the likes of cutting-edge dance types Crookers, although those collaborations are unlikely to see the light of day in traditional fashion. Even for someone who once swam, albeit slightly off-kilterdly, in proper pop circles, that’s not how this return is panning out at all. She’s releasing tracks one at a time, but good-naturedly refutes the idea that they’re singles.

“I like the idea that you can just bring something out now and have it not be about the video, not be about being a pop star, just be about the music. You can let it live and find its own level with people, and I’m finding that really interesting at the moment,” she explains. “Mind you, I’m never interested in anything for too long, but this is much better than having endless discussions with a record label about which single to start with and what’s going to go with it, which is probably wrong anyway.”

“I don’t know what’s going to happen with all the new stuff, though,” she concedes. “I might well decide that it probably should be an album at some point.”

Still no master plan then, but at least she knows what’s coming next. “The next track’s going to be ‘Demon Lover’, which is a lot more funky house. And it’s got some MCing on it! It’s got Wiley on, Donaeo, Kano’s on there too. I asked them - well, I begged them - to do it, and they all really wanted to. They’re all fans of my stuff - well, maybe it’s their girlfriends that are fans of it, but they did it anyway.”

So that’s what 2010 holds: lots of people she likes, songs that’ll show up when and how they’re good and ready, and a sensibility that’s broadly dancefloor-based but otherwise impossible to classify. Is she conscious of constantly challenging her audience?

“I’m conscious of always challenging myself,” comes the reply. “Every record I’ve ever made has been a huge jump for me. I’m probably a bit of a challenge addict, to be honest, although if I was totally addicted I’d probably bring out an Irish folk album! You should see me doing that in the pub. There’s not a dry eye in the house.”

Words by Iain Moffat


J. said...

what a lovely interview, thanks for posting :)

SHREM said...

Fabulous words from La Murphy, such a versatile talent. I mean how different is MOMMA'S PLACE from ROYAL T and yet both are the best songs released so far in 2010... Can't wait 4 DEMON LOVER and anything really since I'm sure even that possible Irish Folk album would be sensational... Gonna listen 2 "Unlovable" now... X

Someone from Poland said...


"You should see me doing that in the pub. There’s not a dry eye in the house"

With pleasure, but easy to say because what if someone live in other country and isn't a son / daughter of a Sheikh for example? :)
Maybe one day,who knows...

Of course for all those persons whiches have a possibility to listen and watch face to face, then such live performance is much more sensible than for the others whiches only watch the videos.
Anyway, I'm glad that I can though see you on the video at this moment.


"...although if I was totally addicted I’d probably bring out an Irish folk album!"

Are you kidding me or what? :)
And what about the other kinds of music,who take care with this then? :)


"You can let it live and find its own level with people, and I’m finding that really interesting at the moment"

If goes about your new songs then I must say that when I heard "Orally fixated" for a first time ,well, I was surprised and had a mixed feellings.
Today it is one of my favourites (especially I like the intro when: "eat me, trick me, eat me" !)

In Royal T, the moment from the middle going to the end.
Like someone writting before "what a extasy" :)

Love it,extremely !! ^_^

Someone from Poland said...

Plus, I don't forget about the great work with people from Moloko band before and with those super girls while you start your solo career or good DJ's and others etc.

Best wishes for now and for the future time, Madame Róisin !!

Anonymous said...

When I have heard for the first time (and in the subsequent times) I also had mixed feelings!!! In this track it was not audible Ro! I tried to listen with breaks in some days, and just now can take it pleasure with taste!!! It is necessary to reach this song. And then it remains in you forever!

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