You Know Me Better video shots

A series of images from the You Know Me Better video, which was filmed in East London in the spring of 2008.

Thanks to Betty.


Herr Knopf said...

what an ikon! thanks much for those pics, i love the long hairdo one.

Someone from Poland said...

I have not seen these pictures before :)
I like especially this one on the armchair and what a clothes :)

Ps: Róisin, check your message box in YouTube.

SHREM said...

Wow such great shots, what an amazing concept wit paying hommage 2 Cindy Sherman... This and PURE PLEASURE SEEKER my 2 most favourite videos in La Murphy's catalogue. "The long haired brunette" is barely visible in the video. "The lilac bow" definitely my most favourite!

Someone from Poland said...

I forgot to say something about "You know me better" song yet:

One of the best songs from Overpowered album like for me.
I like the live version and performance from Rock Werchter Festival 2008 in Poland.
Besides, this official video have something unusual in oneself.
I meant, the atmosphere and all the rest is just brilliant.
She put an amazing climate to the table when she just play on the stage or in such videos.
It is something exclusive, deep, very emotional and unique.
I simply love her for such artist creations.
By the way, after this clip, my most favourite is Never Enough with Boris Dlugosch (chocolate puma mix) and Time is Now with Mark Brydon (Can 7 Soulfood Mix).
Of course there is many great other things and especially on live.
Ok,let's say all this time :)

Anonymous said...

I love this video!

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Anonymous said...

Such a style inspiration.
And she does her own thing.
Dying to see what she does next.
I mentioned you in my blog:


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