Making the Overpowered video

A few images taken during the making of Roisin's iconic video Overpowered, back in 2007.

Thanks to Betty!

Next up: a series of images from the You Know Me Better shoot!


J. said...

I was at that video shoot! I am part of the crowd :)

good memories!

Someone from Poland said...

Hey J., so you must feel lucky in your mind because of this :)

Great pictures and the song/video "Overpowered" is hard for the mind and show some severely of daily life but I love it.

By the way, in last time I heard one song called "Pandora", not for a first time of course.
I like it and this difference while listening such songs in compare with some others.
I meant, almost every song is different and still have something fresh and interesting for me, even when I heard it after some time again.
I hope that it never change.
And first of all, I can't wait when I hear the new forthcoming stuff.

Besides, are you peek here yet happyprincessss, because I don't see any post from you from a long time.
I understand that you are a girl,right?
Such question on end:)

PS: I see that this blog has a narcotic effect for me so I must watch out:)

Claudio Pahl said...

Love the video and the photos, thanks. :)

Giovanni said...

Wow! I really love this video, the costume by Gareth Pugh is great!

Nicole Trundle said...

Oh I can't believe I have never come across this blog before, I am pretty excited about following it, and to see what to come.

Good Job. Absolutely fantabulous, keep it up :)


Anonymous said...

been there. at the coronet where she shoot the images with the gig


Joe said...

Does anybody know if Lady Gaga has worn any Gareth Pugh stuff?

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