A clean sheet

Yesterday Roisin replied to some posts on her official forum and made a few interesting statements on her past work, motherhood and her career. She also announced the closure of her official forum, asking fans to make their 'own arrangements':

"Times have changed guys; a fifty-piece orchestra (Statues) is simply not possible. Believe it or not I love club music, I spent a lot of my life lost in music on one dance floor or another and happily I believe it works better when it’s raw. Yet, functional music is exceptionally hard to pull off and so it’s still a challenge I find incredibly interesting. I would have to disagree about Moloko’s music working in the clubs, when quite often it did not when it was meant to. Hence Sing It Back and even Forever More work better as remixes.

I happen to think there were some wonderful mixes of Momma's Place done in the competition, as good as any so called professional ones and I find working with the new technology of web possibilities exciting. Whatever you think of Perez, his website is the reason so many people submitted tracks, in the hope of finding a massive audience for their work and for that I thank him. Ruby Blue is a one off, never to be repeated record; if I tried to recreate that experience it would do nothing for anybody.

I am turning a new chapter in my creative life, returning to London next week to get started. I have a child and she is wonderful, so everything else will have to fit in around her. I will do this on my own terms or not at all. I am closing down this site, as it seems very much part of the past. A clean sheet is what’s needed and that is what I intend to create. Those of you who wish to follow my evolving career will not be disappointed, as I still have a lot to prove. There may be some of you who are perfectly happy with what I have already created, with old records and with the past. The past will always be there but I have to move on, so I must respectfully ask you to make your own arrangements."



Anonymous said...

well, i say bring it on! i'm all for a good change.

Anonymous said...

cannot wait! ;)

Mr.Watling said...

she shows what she is... her intelligence!!!
i totally agree with the new "sheets" ideas as a part of real life

Anonymous said...

I really love her Moloko era.. but it's over, we can't live in the past, I love this woman and her music, I'll always follow and believe in her, she's such a talented woman who I think can never disappoint me, bring it on Mrs Murphy I'm waiting excited

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting excited
róísín murphy one love

Anonymous said...

its a shame that shes closing the forum, i hope that someone creates something alternative for fans to gather and chat about stuff....

but from what she wrote i get the impression we wont be hearing anything musical from roisin in a while, which is a shame but i am happy to wait for new stuff.

Edgar said...

does anybody know, what progrm is using Róisín on the Mac?

Anonymous said...

I can understand Roisin wanting to start a new chapter, but it seems odd to close a forum which has established fans. They'll want to follow her new developments too.

Someone from Poland said...

Clean sheet and next level in life - sounds great.
On end I only say that I believe in these your words "...on a promise,a day dream yet to come..." (if goes about the music of course:) ^_^

Johann said...

Please tell us when the fans forum will start then ! :)

Anonymous said...

"but it seems odd to close a forum which has established fans"

Hint: forum is called roisin.emirecords.co.uk

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

Alexander Graham Bell

Anonymous said...

Ah! Didn't realize that it was an EMI forum. Makes more sense now.

Anonymous said...

I find myself at 30, looking back at when I first got into Roisin and co while at school and I haven't been let down yet by any of her projects.

To be fair, some of the Moloko stuff was put on 'square wheels' - Brydon's words! - which is why, in my opinion, the recent e-ep's work so well, born for the floor, by a woman who KNOWS the floor, via a speedy medium.

Two weeks ago, in Spain, a DJ played Momma's Place right off my iPhone and by god, bias aside, it was made for that - Certainly the crowd were happy to rip up the floor to it..

Go n'éirí an t-ádh leat, Rois.

Gearoid - Dublin

Someone from Poland said...

Plus: you have right, the past will always be there and we should not to be closed in it.
I don't like a big changes and maybe because of this, it is such hard for me to accept them,when them coming.
Anyway, I know that you are wise & smart woman and you will be creating new music on your own terms in "uncommercial", modern or any other way.
I think that it is the best way to be satisfied.

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