Leviathan première in Rome

On Saturday Roisin performed a DJ set in Rome and performed the song Leviathan (Do It Yourself) for the first time.

The full set list from the gig:
You Know Me Better
Forever More (Francois K. remix)
Momma's Place
Royal T
Demon Lover
Leviathan (Do It Yourself)
Sing It Back (Boris Dlugosch remix)

You can watch a few more videos here. There are also some pictures here.


jrno said...

Whee! This could be on the new album if there's ever going to be one, but no OF or MP, please. Ró starts a new chapter. ♥

Someone from Poland said...
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Someone from Poland said...
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Someone from Poland said...
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Edgar said...

wow! new single!!!

Herr Knopf said...

wooo hhoooo she looks so 90's! love that fringe aaaaaand the song aaaaaand the playlist

Someone from Poland said...

I promised myself to use less PC in the summer and what I'm doing...but not about this now:

In reference to the clips from YouTube from this party >>>

Poor quality of record of these videos but it was recording from the phone finally.
Where was a professional camera?
This performance at night was amazing and even wild in some moment.
The spectators were really in ecstasy there :)
Some of them even exaggerated and like I read in end info of this show, it seems that some people not deserved to been there because of the stupid behaviour at the end.
It just show how shallow they are, that's all.
Back to Róisín, what a dress and hairstyle,until I don't know what to say...
Beautiful !!
A "goddess" from Greece or what...?! :)

By the way,I thought that I lost my vein to write comments in last time.
Even thought that I will not be able to write anything else than well done or something...but luckily not now yet :)
Ps: sorry because of the garbage's with my deleting comments...language.
Probably I will never learn this in such perfectly way like I know Polish.

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