Matthew Herbert after Ruby

Ruby Blue producer Matthew Herbert is known for turning banal objects and substances into musical instruments. On his 2001 album Bodily Functions he generated sounds using human hair, skin and internal bodily organs.

During the recording process of Ruby Blue, Herbert encouraged 'Rosie' to bring everyday objects to the studio so he could make them an integral part of the music. In spite of the album's quirkiness, there are also many elements of pop music present in the songs on Ruby Blue.

In 2006, Pitchfork asked Herbert if working on Ruby Blue influenced his sounds and gave him a taste for pop music. His answer was:
It did, I guess. The thing it really gave me a taste of was the technical aspect. Because with Ruby Blue, I really had to make the record sound a bit poppier and, just technically, I had to record the horns properly and just move away from that DIY place I started from. And because me and Rosie [Murphy] wanted to record and mix the record in just one room, I invested in the studio and I did some research on equipment. Technically, I've certainly gone up a level, and I know just how I like to mix a record.

The influence can indeed be heard on his latest musical efforts, especially on Leipzig, the fabulous lead single from this year's One One album.


Someone from Poland said...

Nice picture, like those two rare, four themes before.
Róisín Murphy + Matthew Herbert = excellent cooperation while making the album Ruby Blue and amazing result.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly One One is 101% solo album, while his previous album had input from 320 people

Anonymous said...

Nice makeup :))))

Anonymous said...

He looks gay and a bit looney

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Herbert's wife Dani Siciliano is singer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUkAPcO26NU) and recording artist, she did "Dani Siciliano's What Will Be Will Be Mix" for "If we're in love" (http://www.discogs.com/R%C3%B3is%C3%ADn-Murphy-If-Were-In-Love/master/38530)

Anonymous said...

i even didn't expect i like it so....Herbert has grown in my eyes

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Anonymous said...

He calls her 'Rosie'? So cute.