Koko - second show

A picture from Roisin's Koko show on Wednesday night, her second date in the London club. As always, you can find more pictures on flickr.com.

I attended this show myself and can tell you that Roisin was her amazing self throughout. I'm no good at doing reviews so I won't even attempt to write one. Besides, I feel art should be enjoyed rather than discussed!

However, I will tell you my personal highlights of the show (in no particular order):

(1) The Moloko-esque live version of Footprints - a perfect blend of soul and electro.

(2) Roisin's cape 'floating' in the air during Overpowered. It perfectly suits the song's airiness.

(3) Roisin rapping on The Truth. It took me (and many others) by complete surprise. She pulled it off really well. Not only as a singer Roisin's voice is a force to be reckoned with!

(4) Forever More - the Francois K version is beautifully understated. A fine reminder of Roisin's Moloko years.

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