Peeping Tom: Roisin backstage

One German fan has been a peeping Tom and took these pictures of Roisin backstage in Frankfurt. Roisin is seen in front of her dressing room mirror, warming up her voice and body.

Photo source: the official Roisin Murphy forum.


Anonymous said...

That's kinda creepy but cool at the same time :-/

Anonymous said...

Could this be a Truth or Dare/In Bed with Roisin Murphy in the making? Anyone else who loves the '11.000 clicks' backstage stuff? I love the bit where Roisin does Lumidee's Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh). I think she should cover that song ;)

Anonymous said...

it just goes to show that this chick is uber cool whenever whatever even when she doesnt know she is bieng watched uber...fuking cool

Anonymous said...

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