Roisin on the accident and the next single

Music site Popjustice spoke with Roisin about her recent accident in Moscow. Considering Roisin was at home in London during the interview, it must have taken place some time last week.

Roisin also reveals that You Know Me Better might be the next single...


How are you feeling?
Oh, I’m alright.

Are you at home with something on your face?
Yes. My mum's come over to look after me which is a bit distressing because she's cleaning my house in sexy underwear. It got hot so she stripped off. Recently they've opened a TK Maxx near our house so she's gone and bought underwear. So I've got that going on in my house.

TX Maxx is very useful for pots, pans and luggage, we find...
Yes. Now I believe you have some questions for me.

Yes. Did you smash your face up on purpose?

But I probably will die on stage given the amount of accidents I bloody have there. Although if you print that I'll never get insurance again! I fell in Australia and broke my arm but didn't realise I'd broken it until I went off stage, and I fell of a promotional beach ball at a festival in Ireland. It was dark. But I saw blood this time so I thought it was best to leave the stage.

Did you realise how serious it was when it happened?
I lay down and continued the gig lying down. I elevated my foot. My mother said that I was always the same – I never fell down stairs, I always fell up them.

Does it still hurt?
It's not too bad now, the swelling's gone down.

Did you hear a crunching noise when it happened?
No. Don't be so horrible!

We're just gathering the details Roisin. So then you went to hospital...
Yeah, we went to Moscow A&E which was, er, interesting. It was very quiet. It was Saturday night and there was nobody there. I couldn't understand it. There was just one person in a room coughing loudly, which sounded like the cough of Hell. Then they sent me to the American hospital and the man there said 'look, you're probably better off going home and getting a proper plastic surgeon to stitch up the hole in your eyebrow'. It's not a good look.

Maybe it would be a good image for the next album campaign?
Oh it's going to be so camp, isn’t it, when I go back on stage with a big injury? There won't be a dry eye in the house. Can I just say that I'm absolutely mortified that my fans bought tickets for shows which have been cancelled. It's the worst thing for an act like me, to have to cancel a show. I'm just devastated.

Your fans are an understanding lot. What's the next single going to be?
Not sure yet. What do you think?

A bit of Movie Star?
Well, I think we're going for the one which is mostly loved by people...

Movie Star!
...which is You Know Me Better.

Hm... Anyway, get well soon!
Thank you! Bye!


Anonymous said...

The next single should be Movie Star AND THEN You Know Me Better. I suppose it doesn't really matter but I'm fussy...

Anyway, those are the only two that are single worthy. I don't mean that in a bad way but they're the two most catchy and radio friendly tracks. I don't think Primitive, as some people are saying, would be a good choice... no, Movie Star and You Know Me Better please!

a. said...

i also like the idea of an edited version of cry baby. that would be nice...

oh, roisin is so funny. bless!

F!TO said...

I'd rather see movie star, cry baby or maybe a ballad... But no, No primitive.

That song will be on her head forever,... literally.

OCB said...

I'd say "You Know Me Better" provided it gets a slightly harder remix - my own choice would of course be the spellbinding "Tell Everybody"......