Sophie's choice

According to various sources, Sophie Ellis-Bextor has chosen Off and On as one of the two new tracks on her greatest hits compilation, due for release in March next year.

The Calvin Harris/Cathy Dennis track was originally written for the Overpowered album. Roisin decided not to use the track because "it didn't fit with the rest of the record". Subsequently the song was re-recorded by Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

In spite of Roisin's rejection of the track, which leaked a few months ago, it proves to be quite popular with readers of this blog. Poll results show that it is the favourite b-side/outtake from the Overpowered recording sessions.

This is what Roisin has to say about the possibility of the song becoming a huge hit for Sophie: "If it makes a global No.1 obviously I'll be a little pissed off, but I knew it didn't suit me".


a. said...

& let's hope that it doesn't for roisin's sake.


Anonymous said...

It's certainly not my favourite but I'm glad it leaked. I love Sophie so I'm looking forward to hearing how it sounds with her singing.

Anonymous said...

I hope it does well, for Roisin's sake! It'd be great publicity, really. But this is only Sophie Ellis-Bextor we're talking about. She's great, but an international #1.. Is quite unlikely!