Roisin, Kylie & Pugh

It seems that Kylie Minogue has taken inspiration from Roisin Murphy. In the video for the song In My Arms, the Australian chanteuse is wearing the same Gareth Pugh outfit that was famously sported by Roisin Murphy in her Overpowered video.

As Kylie fan Vampy says on his blog: "Well, what can I say? Both ladies look awesome in it!"

You can check Kylie's new video In My Arms out here. The song is the second single to be lifted from the X album throughout Europe and was produced by Calvin Harris.


a. said...

roisin is SOOOO much cooler than kylie :P

hush said...

same dress but got deflated?

*Cyrilius* said...

Not deflated: she doesn't wear the "air coat" & the funny hat we see in the "Overpowered" video.
Even if i love Kylie, I still don't think it was the best idea to play copy-cat on the tv show AND furthermore in the official IMA video.
But yeah, she looks great too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Roisin looks just like clown in this dress.
Sooo NOT cool!

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