Some exiting bits of news!

Anyone who's still wondering what Roisin Murphy will be up to this year should read this press release:

The fabulous Róisín Murphy releases her next single ‘You Know Me Better’ on March 31st as a 7”, CD, download and enhanced CD. Taken from her Top 20 album ‘Overpowered’, the track is a collaboration with Groove Armada’s Andy Cato. Mixes come from Samim, Trevor Lovey, Guy Williams and Toddla T.

In further news Róisín follows her recent spectacular UK and European tour with a string of further shows across the Continent in 2008 including another sold-out London show – this time at Camden’s Roundhouse on March 8th. For anyone who misses that she then plays an hour long headline set at the St Patrick’s Day celebrations in Trafalgar Square to an estimated audience of 75,000 people on March 16th.

Festival appearances kick off with Scotland’s Rock Ness at the start of June with further performances to be announced in the spring across the UK and Europe.

Róisín also makes a very special guest appearance at the Elle Style Awards on February 12th; the first live performance in the 11-year history of the awards.


*Cyrilius* said...

OMG OMG OMG!!! "Further performances to be announced in the spring across the UK and Europe."

I'm praying for her to come back to Paris for another show! This time I swear i'll be THERE!

Thanks for all the good & enthusiastic infos: this is the Róisín year or what?!

Anonymous said...

31st March! Why so far away? I mean, seriously, how hard can it be to get a single out these days?

Anonymous said...

When is she going to come over to the US? :(

a. said...

^ id like to know the answer to that question too :/

i cannot wait until the elle style awards. it is such a huge honour. the fashion world really loves roisin. overpowered was featured in so many shows last season. it was fabulous hearing it so often.

Pipo said...

It's funny YKMB was pushed so far, it has been on the TOP 50 of the most listened music radio in Croatia, Otvoreni Radio (open radio) since start of the year!

Pipo said...

Actually, strike that, I just checked and You Know Me Better is on the TOP ONE position of Otvoreni Radio's Vip Music Foreign Top Chart!!!!!

Is this a preclusion to whats going to happen in the rest of the world?

I hope so! :)


lotus ita said...

2008: the year of the Róisín.

Amy said...

Roisín isn't pronounced Rah-jeen it's pronounced Row-Sheen