You Know Me Better - the cover!

What's a lady without her pint of stout?

This is the cover of You Know Me Better, which will be released as a single on March 31.

Though the full tracklistings for the release have not been revealed yet, the cover sticker tells us that we'll get to hear some unreleased tracks. That's simply great news!


Anonymous said...

Amazing. This is my favourite of the Overpowered photos so far! I love how it's so busy but Róisín jumps out of the picture not only because of the outfit but because of the lighting... beautiful.
This is the same photogrpaher (Jonathan de Villiers) isn't it? Because the photograph that's appeared before from this session was by a different photographer.

That woman with the white top looks like Sally Lindsay (http://www.corrieblog.tv/SHELLEY_UNWIN.jpg)
She also grew up in Manchester (and Stockport).

Anonymous said...

love it!

Anonymous said...

sorry to sound like a dork making this kind of a comment, but the thing in that pint is called stout, not ale. stout is the darkest beer, like guinness or beamish. ale is something else.

LOVE THIS BLOG, can't thank you enough!!! <3

Hopeless Optimist said...

Thanks for letting me know! Have corrected it! Ignorance is not bliss :)

Anonymous said...

no worries! i just had to. :) hopeless perfectionist... (well, fortunately not)

loving this blog even more. !

Unknown said...

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