Roisin on troubled friendship

Roisin Murphy, a.k.a. the Murphster, has confided in the British quality newspaper Daily Star and told a reporter how her need to dance has caused her to have many troubled friendships.

From today's Daily Star:

RÓISÍN Murphy’s mates hate going clubbing with her because she’s a nightmare on the dancefloor.

The former Moloko singer, 34, busts some serious moves on nights out but gets the hump when pals don’t show the same commitment.

She told me: “I really struggle to find people willing to go clubbing with me these days because I love to dance so much.

“I’m always the last person on the dancefloor and having a go at people for leaving early.”

And it’s not just her pals who get it in the ear…

The Murphster, whose single You Know Me Better is out on March 31, added: “The DJ gets it too if he won’t play my favourite tunes.”


Vicky said...

Give me a call Ro, I'll dance the night away with ya!

F!TO said...

I'll dance with you until they kick us out of there!!