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Once upon a time Roisin Murphy was the frontwoman behind Moloko, a musical duo comprised of her and then-boyfriend Mark Brydon, who she met by saying, “Do you like my tight sweater? See how it fits my body.” It wasn’t the first time the Fashion Rocks model and artist had tried the line, but it was the first time it worked. The rest is history.

Now, Roisin Murphy is reintroducing herself as a solo dance pop artist, with the album she described to CollegeOTR as an “emotional disco record,” Overpowered. When asked how her solo project differs from Moloko, she told OTR, “It’s still kind of mining the modernist landscape of music. I’m very much into modern sounds and pushing things forward. I’ve been developing my voice because I started as a non-singer… mostly it was different working with lots of people instead of just one person.”

Murphy worked with several producers on Overpowered and collaborated “50-50” on songwriting for the album, taking inspiration from topics which had attracted her curiosity like philosophy and economics. Her new single “Movie Star,” which resonates with disco vocal stylings over hypnotic electro-pop, will be released on iTunes October 14th and is sure to become a hit with the club kids.

Known for her bold, almost sculptural aesthetic, Roisin Murphy allows fashion to figure importantly in the “Movie Star” music video, which in spite of its terribly inane introductory skit is an avant-garde visual delight, from the costuming of Roisin and her cohorts to a cut of the singer being humped by a man in a lobster suit. Murphy told OTR the significance of clothing to her, saying, “I’m very playful and pretty fearless. I’m certainly very inclined to dress myself. I think that’s a very important thing to hold dear to you, to choose your clothes. That’s my thing, I dress myself…. I love the way it can help me say more.”

Taken from CollegeOTR.

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