Polish cry babies

Blog reader Agata from Poland sent me this pictures of a box of tissues, standing on the counter of a ticket office. She explains:

Roisin is going to play a concert in November and the tickets were sold out over a month before the show. That's very fast. I attach a picture which I took yesterday when I went to a ticket point. There's a box of tissues on the counter and it's written there 'We're very sorry, but there are no more tickets for Roisin Murphy'. People indeed cried a lot. I see that for the first time.

So if any of you Polish Roisin devotees did get hold of a ticket then count yourself very lucky!


olla said...

Luckily, I've got one!

TurtleGirl said...

i love that people xD

(i also have my ticket^^)

Anonymous said...

I am Polish and I'll see her in NYC!!! :)))

Karina said...

Indeed Roisin has so many fans in Poland!
Good news is: some more tickets are on sale now as the gig will be staged in new, bigger place :-)

dreadu said...

whooooooa!! lol. that's me on the picutre. also that was my tissues ^^.

nice :).