Rolling Stone fashion shoot

When Roisin was in Milan for Fashion Week, photographer Marcus Mam shot a 4-page fashion portfolio for Rolling Stone Italy.

Thanks to Jo for the scans!


Anonymous said...

great pictures but really i don't understand the article!
roisin is not mentioned anywhere, not even in the small white captions! :S

though the title of the article is "FAKE TITLE, FAKE TITLE" may it be that the text is fictitious, to be replaced with the actual one in the final version of the magazine?

Metellus said...

hilarious photos!

Kat said...

oh i love her style and now i've found your blog! it's so great here :)

Anonymous said...

i love these photos too...mmmmhhh..great hairstyle!

a. said...


ive used one for my new header.

the colours are really nice as well.


TurtleGirl said...

amazing shoot!
she looks so natural

Stijn said...

Such a great photoshoot!