Zoo Magazine - reminder

Don't forget that the current edition of Zoo Magazine is now on sale and features a 22-page Roisin Murphy photo shoot and interview.

Click here for information on where to buy the magazine.

Also, on the website of photographer Glen Erler you can see more pictures from the shoot.

Erler named his Roisin Murphy project 'In and around a room'. Here's what he has to say about it:

I was recently given the opportunity to photograph Roisin Murphy and as most of my recent work has been about photographing people in their own personal environment, I thought it would be interesting to photograph Roisin within the confinement of a small single room and its immediate surroundings of which neither of us had any personal connection. These images are the result of that single day in a single space and its surroundings.

View more at www.glenerler.com.


Cedric said...

I bought it 2 weeks ago. I had never bought a fashion magazine before but I really liked the article and the photos! :)

Baradar said...

I fit wasn't for Cedric's comment I was about to buy the UK Ladz mag called "Zoo" and was seriously wondering why Roisin would have a spread in such a publication....