Crookers ♥ Roisin

The Crookers have declared their love for Roisin after working with her on their debut album. Crookers member Phra has confessed: "I’d like to have her in my studio for 3 months and produce 7 albums with her...".

Source: the official Crookers blog


jjjjjau said...

Hope they will release one of the Róisín collaborations as an official single, it might get some radioplay and more people would be interested about Ró's amazing talent and start to listen to her music! It would be so nice...

Lee B. said...


Isn't Royal T going to be the next Crookers single? Or have they just had it remixed for hype / promo purposes?

Whatever, the Crookers and Róisín LPs can't come quickly enough for me.