Momma's Place on the charts

Momma's Place is making an impression on the iTunes electronic album charts in the US and many European countries.

The song is currently at #7 in the States and #1 in Finland, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands. It has entered the top 10 in nine other countries and the Overpowered album has also re-entered some of the charts.

If you haven't downloaded the EP yet, please do it now from your local iTunes store!


Anonymous said...


Metty said...

peaks at 8th place in iTunes charts of electronic music.


Mexcreel said...

I siiiimply love the song - and now#4 in Denmark :)

SpookyMulder said...

#1 in Spain (Electronic Songs)
Orally Fixated #3

Anonymous said...

without any promotion! thumbs up, róisín. big time.

jjjjjau said...

Yay Finland! Btw, will Momma's Place get a video..? =DD I really hope so and I think I'm not the only one.