Roisin speaks about the leak

Roisin has put the following statement on Facebook, commenting on the leak of her new single Momma's Place:

Hi all, I hear there has been a leak of Momma’s Place. Oh dear, I am all for the freedom of the internet, it’d just that the quality control is sometimes a little amiss… and I’m funny about stuff like that.  The rip that is available is not up to scratch.  So, please wait for the real thing, it’ll sound way better! Coming soon…

Let's all ignore the leaked file and wait for the real thing to come along. The official stream of Momma's Place will be available very soon!


Anonymous said...

hey there - gotta say, i love - LOVE - what i heard. in the states it's hard to find your stuff.... if i could buy the new album i would, but it's never for sale over here. perhaps when im in europe this fall i'll find it.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the same boat - previous albums haven't been available in Canada. I've had an American friend buy and forward me her last two albums. Hallelujah!