Roisin on Momma's Place

Here's a short video of Roisin explaining the meaning of Momma's Place, written as a letter to her (then) unborn child. If you've got something to say why wait?

Roisin also reveals that the song has been produced by Seji. It will be released in the UK on 18 January and a day later in the US.


Someone from Poland said...
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Metty said...

saw that mickey murphy's daughter logo at the end!! MY GAWD, hope she started her own label or summink! sounds funny

(for those who don't know, her father is called mickey)

Anonymous said...

this song can very much be interpreted as a reaction to all her little wannabe/copycats, most notably lady gaga. the lyrics are far too precise to not be alluding to that. i think its very cool. and nice cover "its about my unborn baby" ;)

Anonymous said...

Lyrics "It started in Momma's place"
Interview: "My greatest inspiration is my mother. She has an amazing softness in her approach to the world, and she was a great clotheshorse in her day"

it's totally about her daughter (eye-roll smiley)