Crookers on working with Roisin

Crookers have spoken on their blog about what it was like to work with Ms Murphy: 

"When we were told there was a remote chance to work with Roisin Murphy for a track of the album, we couldn’t believe it and almost fell from the chairs!

Memories went back to our 20s, spending entire afternoons watchin MTV, waiting for the fantastic video made for Moloko’s Pure Pleasure Seeker! Love at first sight… Fantasy became reality and we realized it only arriving at the studio, where she was already working on the beat we had sent to her.

We were extremely tense and excited and to get over excitment we started drinking, but instead of just relaxing , we found ourself completely drunk looking like 2 morons. What impressed us the most about Roisin is that other than beautifully talented she is extremely professional!

We finished up Hold Up Your Hands before forcasted time and we still had the studio for a  couple of hours… We had another beat ready so we tried… Why not doing another track? She immediately agreed! In two hours we produced this second track that of course was immediately included in the album, which is Royal T.

We really enjoyed working with Ms Murphy and hope to collaborate with her again in the future. What’s going to come up from this we don’t know… but could really be a lot of fun!!! By the way we’re going to perform together in London this coming Sunday…" (see post below)


Jüri said...

Performing?!?!?!?! must see then!

Metty said...

GOSH yes, finally, what a fucking great time.

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SHREM said...

ROYAL T is gonna be a maaaaaassssssive dancefloor anthem! Very excited about this album coming up. The track wit Steed Lord sounds brilliant as well. A tad bit Grace Jones-y:-)

Someone from Poland said...
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