More from Fashion Week

Another pictorial London Fashion Week report from Betty! The pictures were taken on Friday, when Roisin was at the following shows:

- Felder Felder autum/winter 2010
- Hannah Marshall autum/winter 2010
- Jean Pierre Braganza autum/winter 2010

On another note, this morning I was meant to report on the Linda Farrow for Roisin Murphy party that took place last night. I was on the guest list for this event. However, due to poor organisation many people (myself included) were expected to queue for hours in the cold and rain. After nearly two hours I had enough and went home. Anyway, enough moans. Let's hope someone else can tell us what went on inside the club.


becky said...

Same thing happened to me!

becky said...

Oh and I have linked you on my site, hope you don't mind :)

Hopeless Optimist said...

Thanks for the link Becky! I actually spotted you in the queue. I loved reading your post. At least I wasn't the only one calling it a night when I was fed up... I got myself a lollipop, went home and watched some vintage Roseanne (whose eldest daughter is Becky!).


Lee B. said...

I can see Róisín wearing that outfit plus, I've said this before, I like it when Róisín has them sort of up hair-dos!

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Anonymous said...

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