Murphy shades

Roisin will be working with the sunglass brand Linda Farrow for their upcoming autumn/winter collection.

Tracy Sedino from Linda Farrow told Grazia Daily the following:

In a few weeks we’ll be launching a little project for autumn-winter with Roisin Murphy. She’s just had a baby and is in Ireland recovering. She’s really amazing, we have a great relationship with her and she wears a lot of our glasses.

In October Roisin told WWD: "They’re very bling, in gold and platinum plating".


jrno said...

Ooh that's so cool! I don't think they're very affordable, though. And if those could even be ordered to Finland...

Anonymous said...

OMG Linda Farrow's sunglasses are amazing!!! and if it will be a collaboration with Ro - i think it will be something unusual, explosive and perfect!!!