Linda Farrow party

Blog reader J. was more patient than me and did eventually get into the Linda Farrow for Roisin Murphy party last night.

At the event Roisin performed the following songs:

- Momma's Place
- Royal T (with Crookers)
- Demon Lover
- Hold Up Your Hands (with Crookers)

Here is a video J. uploaded of Roisin's performance of Momma's Place. As you can see he was right in front:


Kamile said...

so is the album coming tomorrow?

Lee B. said...

Hope there's videos of her with Crookers! Also, I wonder if she played the full proper version of Demon Lover or that half-remix she performed at Viktor & Rolf.

J. said...

Roisin didn't perform with the Crookers... it was a PA...

SHREM said...

Well done Jyri (is that u? ). Gr8 2 see a different clip of MOMMA'S PLACE being performed. Still my favourite song in 2010 so far

J. said...

yaah, it's me SHREM.... :)

Lee B. said...

@ Jyri

I was just going off the main post: Royal T (with Crookers), Hold Up Your Hand (with Crookers)... I did think it would be odd performing with Crookers then herself then with Crookers again in the space of one song.

jrno said...

Wow she's amazing as always but to me she looks a little bit tipsy. =D It might be possible, she's not pregnant anymore and so on... Nothing wrong with a little parteeeee!

becky said...

So this is what we missed out on!
So funny that you saw me in the queue, I probably saw you...except I have no idea what you look like x

madhouse 6 said...

her voice sounds amazing.

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