Boicozine: "campaign of the season"

The art blog Boicozine has declared the artwork surrounding the Overpowered album release campaign of the season. Here is what they have to say about it:

Scott King has contributed his creative prowess to the latest Roisin Murphy campaign, commissioning Jonathan De Villiers to photograph the cool priestess of pop. Between the three of them, they has effortlessly managed to create a unique mixture of the mundane and the fantastic by dressing Roisin up in some, sort of, outlandish creations by designers such as Gareth Pugh and Victor & Rolf, then photographing her in some typically ordinary London settings. Boicozine declares it to be the campaign of the season. There’s some copy floating around on the internet highway (I'm guessing it's from the press release) where Roisin talks about working with Scott and the ideas behind the images and it goes a little something like this...

"I have worked with him (Scott) once before. First thing he showed me was footage of David Bowie walking down a London high street in the video for 'DJ'. Scott's idea of me is like a kind of street-diva, ready for my close up in off-the-wall couture, even when getting my fill of beans and sausage down my local greasy spoon. Or like the Queen of the Tinkers photographed in resplendent garb, going for maximum impact whilst out shopping and/or shoplifting on the Cricklewood Broadway. For the 'Overpowered' single sleeve I was dressed in a Viktor & Rolf frock that comes with its own lighting rig attached to the body on a full back brace. The rig is very heavy scaffolding, like the stuff they use in music venues; the dress is hooked up on the rig so as to become rather like the sail of a big boat (great for shoplifting). It was very windy on the high street and I couldn't move my feet in the clogs, with the bits of wood nailed on, to make them into high heels! A stray gust of wind almost carried me over a couple of times. Luckily a burly Grip was put on hand, just out of shot, to catch me."

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Anonymous said...

I know for some artwork and packaging isn't important (hello downloaders!) but for me, it's just as important as the music. I've been known to buy albums just because I like the artwork/packaging.

The artwork for this campaign is fantastic and so is the music. It's a shame the booklet and packaging aren't as good... anyway, the great artwork and music is why this and Ghosts by Siobhan Donaghy are my albums of the year.