UK TV reminder

Just a little reminder: Roisin will appear on two UK TV shows tonight to promote her new single and album: Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and T-Mobile Transmission. Click here for a previous post with more details.

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ted said...

You'd be "prickly" too if you were about to pull off the miracle Roisin Murphy is. As a loyal fan of years now (but admittedly hooked, like everyone else, by "Sing it Back") I can't possibly explain to you how mental EVERYONE in the Murphy camp is right now. We can all rest and breath for a moment before the ENTIRE WORLD starts chasing Murphy down the street. I have heard the album and agree with Harris: the old opinions are blown out of the water. In fact the water itself is blown out of the water. There are no more superlatives. In this day of media congestion and easy access, a miracle is about to happen. An artist, with vision, training, sensitivity, and musical genius is about to take the world stage. God help us all.