Leave a Get Well message for Roisin

Judging by the number of visitors this blog has had today, many of you are very concerned about Roisin after her accident past Saturday.

I want to ask you all to support Roisin in these difficult times by leaving a Get Well message as a comment to this post. You can do so by clicking on the comment link. There is no need to register.

Roisin is said to be very upset about the accident and cancellation of several shows. Let her know we don't hold anything against her!

Thanks for your support!


Anonymous said...

Get well soon, lovely Ms Murphy!



Anonymous said...

Get well!

Frank said...

iHeartBerlin.de wishes Roisin a good recovery from her little head banging accident. We are sad we won't see you on Thursday but wish you all the best and hope to see you soon. There will be no chairs on stage in Berlin, promised!

Anonymous said...

Quick recovery Roisin
Nuno (Portugal)

Chris (aka Mador) said...

Dear Roisin

I’m Chris from Belgium, I really wanted to wish you a full recovery very soon!
You seem to be a strong woman but you have to know that all your fans are beside you in this difficult moment. Take all your time before going back to the stage. Your health is more important than a concert ticket. We will be waiting for you anyway.
Love and kisses from a Belgian fan

Anonymous said...

Get well Ro: and take your time.
Your fans love you, and gigs can always be reschedled. No pressure. Healing is the most important thing right now ok?

grin from Poland said...

Get well soon Róisín

Roy Cremers said...

Dear Róisín! Fortunately I was one of the lucky to actually see you performing already in Amsterdam. It was great! Take your time to recover!! I think Charlie will be of great support ;-)
Hope to see you again shining in Paradiso Amsterdam on 22 November!
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Get well soon :)
Take the time you need to recover.

We've waited so long to see you in Germany, we can wait even longer ;)

We all love your new album :) :)


good_boy said...

Dear-dear Roisin...
We just hope this accident doesn't overshadow our mutual love, I speak right now about you and our city Moscow, that is so endlessly in love with you, always was, always will be. Please just get well soon and come back, we promise you this will be your best show ever.

Please get well soon. We love you so much.

Endriu said...

Get well very very soon...
See you in Milan! :D


a. said...

dont worry about such things, darling.
we are happy just knowing that you are doing well & want you to rest until fully recovered.
nothing more, nothing less.
your heath & happiness is of upmost importance.
take care of that lovely head of yours.
bloody chairs! ;]
kisses Xx abby

Anonymous said...

awww, awww you poor baby that must be too painful i want to come and look after you.
please make sure you take sufficiant rest don't go rushing around you are not invincible, only incredble Ms Murphy

Anonymous said...

Get well!!!
We love you!!!
See you in London!!!

Brent said...

I hope you are feeling OK. Take your time and get well soon.

Anonymous said...

dużo zdrowia Roisin!
Warsaw is waiting for you!

Alpha said...

Hey Roisin! Get well soon, girl!!! We want you on stage, it's an order! ;))

Anonymous said...

Get well Soon! don't worry we still love youu!

Pukis said...

Get well soon!! We need you Roisin!

Artur said...

Hope you are ok!
We love you so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Roisin. Please, get well quickly and come to Poland soon. Can't wait 2 see and hear U.

greetings from PL

Anonymous said...

Don't cry Baby, please don't cry ;)
(and get well soon. We are wainting in Warsaw for You).
You're the best.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Roisin, hope you are ok xxx

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Roisin!


Anonymous said...

Roisin you are a true trail blazer. Sorry you hurt ya self but your a trouper and you'll be back bigger & stronger. Love the album. Continue to be the genius that you are. Much love. ADDY PADDY

Max Karno said...

You're a strong girl, Roisin, this won't phase you.
Still, I'm so sorry for all the pain you suffered from that injruy, honey! Take care, get well!
You're amazing!~

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Róisín!! Hope you'll recover soon. Lots of people are waiting to see you including me. I'll be seeing you in Eindhoven and in Amsterdam, ofcourse if you're ok.

Best wishes

Firefly said...

Get well hun! We love you!

Metellus said...

Ma dearest Roisin
I already have seen
your bad accident!
So hard to stop crying
but all will be fine!
Now I really can wait for your concert in Berlin

I will be in the front and keep an eye on your moves

Metellus (michael)

OCB said...

Hey Darlin', have had an odd eye injury myself, they suck indeed - glad you're back on your home turf and wish you the best of recoveries - and of course, I wouldn't be me without saying I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE U IN THE STATES~

Much love


kasio said...

get well!

gonçalo said...

the best and quickest recovery. that's what i wish for you.
you'll be back even more stunning, as fresh as a daisy!

gonçalo (portugal)

stingo said...

Lovely Róisín, I was shocked to hear about your accident. I hope that you will get well soon.

All is full of love!

Dick said...

Hi Roisin-

I'm Dick from Michigan in the U.S. I just received my cd of Overpowered today from the UK and it was awesome!! As I was surfing the net listening to your music, I read about your accident on a music blog.

Speedy recovery!!

Dick said...

Hi Roisin-

I'm Dick from Michigan in the U.S. I just received my cd of Overpowered today from the UK and it was awesome!! As I was surfing the net listening to your music, I read about your accident on a music blog.

Speedy recovery!!

Anonymous said...

Roisi, get well very soon! We're waiting for you:) /Kasia/Poland/

Rogier Zeebregts said...

Damn Róisín, Feeling bad for you!
Hope you get well really soon!

Saw your show in Amsterdam! It was great!
Hope you'll be able to perform soon again, so others can enjoy it as much as I did!!

Kisses from Holland!

Saschaforever said...

Get well soon, Roisin. We all care for you!!!

You are the best

Anonymous said...

Roisin, get well soon. Don't feel bad about having to cancell gigs, we'd rather you recovered.


Jeane x

x-tanis said...

i wish róisín a fast recovery and hope to see her in barcelona in december

Anonymous said...

watch our your head roisin¡ I just bought your album and is AMAZING, the best one of the year, you RULE, get well

Anonymous said...

Dreadful news about your accident LIttle Rose, but the prognosis appears to be good.Take all the time you need to get completely better.See you in Ireland before too long.
JP Murphy (no relation worse luck)
PS new cd is brill

Anonymous said...

darling roisin
I will buy you a soft sofa for on the stage in paradiso!
because you can not stop the headbanging thing... but first get well
love from amsterdam

Anonymous said...

Love Your Music! Be Healthy and Stay Lovely.

Gerard in Dublin said...

Very sorry to hear about your accident Róisín. Thank goodness you are alright. Get well soon.

Anonymous said...


Please take care of yourself and get better soon! When you're back to full strength, consider touring the US, your San Francisco fans will treat you well!

Anonymous said...

Wishing U Peace Happiness Tranquility Love
and Healing. The light from the sun doesn't stop shining just because a cloud passes. U are a star in the night undiminished by misfortune.

Andy said...

Gareth Pugh eyepatch?
seriously though, i hope you get very well very soon.

love from ohio, USA


ted said...

Love you and thinking of you with maximum warmth and good vibes. You will be better, faster, stronger... That performance of Primitive was fucking amazing! More people need to hear Roisin Murphy sing live! If you ever get to the States, please do Madison WI, there is so much love here for you and a town full of shameless heathens ready to worship you alone! Did I mention that I love you?


xolondon said...

Poor Róisín, that is a serious booboo! But dancing is a far better way to get injured than a fight, I'd say. Let me know if you need me baby.

aka Xolondon

PS: This blog is the BEST Róisín site!

Anonymous said...

Get well! We love you! We can just enjoy your albums for now until you're ready to come back with your awesomeness.

Olga said...

get well soon Roisin!

Greetings from Poland!

Jerry Clifford said...

Get well really soon x. Love the new album. Jerry.

funkiefemme said...

get well soon Roisin! We'll be waiting for you in Holland. Allready enjoyed your gig at the Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam two or three weeks ago. LOVED it! Take care and some rest.

Vicky said...

I know this is a little late Roisin but just wanted to say hope you're feeling better and enjoy your first gig back tomorrow.

We love you, you're an inspiration!

Take care of yourself XMWAHX

Anonymous said...

Hope you have had a full recovery Roisín.
Cant wait to see you back in Dublin!
:) :)
Avril x

Croatian said...

I heard that terrible news on Radio and i was terrified. I hope that you'll be O.K. and I want you quick recover. Please make more coll songs!!!

Anonymous said...

Roisin, get well!!!
We love you!!!
You are great!!!

Greetings from Zagreb!!!

Anonymous said...

Roisin, get well soon, and we are still waiting for You to come to Estonia, to give Your concert!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy get well messages