Overpowered sessions - released thus far

Several media reported that Roisin & co wrote and recorded about 30 tracks during the Overpowered sessions in London, Barcelona and Miami.

This article is an update on how many of these tracks have been released so far and which tracks might be released some time in the future.

So far, 19 tracks have been officially released:

11 album tracks - Overpowered, You Know Me Better, Checkin' On Me, Let Me Know, Movie Star, Primitive, Footprints, Dear Miami, Cry Baby, Tell Everybody, and Scarlet Ribbons.

2 album bonus tracks - Body Language and Parallel Lives. These tracks are available on all formats of the album, accept the vinyl release which only features Body Language.

1 iTunes bonus track - Pandora.

4 b-sides - Sweet Nothings, Foolish, Sunshine, and Unlovable. These songs appeared on various formats of the singles Overpowered and Let Me Know.

1 free download - Modern Timing. An outtake from the Overpowered sessions, still available as an official free download here.

The Calvin Harris collaboration Off and On (Roisin Murphy/Cathy Dennis/Calvin Harris) leaked in September 2007. The song was later recorded by Sophie Ellis-Bextor, so it is very unlikely Roisin's version will ever be officially released.

In addition to these 20 tracks, the following songs were supposedly recorded for the album:

Earn It (Roisin Murphy/Michael Ward/Richard Barrett/Dean Honer)
Keep It Loose (Roisin Murphy/Mike Patto/Toni Econmides/Paul Dolby/John Mullarkey)
Don't Let It Go to Your Head Boy (Roisin Murphy/Cathy Dennis/Calvin Harris)

Some sources also list Doesn't Belong To Us (Roisin Murphy, Matthew Herbert). However, this is probably an outtake from the Ruby Blue recording sessions.

As things stand now, it is likely only the "it" songs Earn It and Keep It Loose will ever see the light of day as future b-sides. Or will someone be kind enough to leak Don't Let It Go to Your Head Boy?

I'll keep you posted!


P said...

I really really think Off and On would be a highlight of Overpowered album. It's pity Ro didn't want it. Pandora is also too good to be only bonustrack for only one shop. Too bad, we loose such a brilliant tracks.

Magnetic said...

I am so confused as to why she didn't choose 'Off and On' to be on the album, it woud have made it stronger still and now it looks like Sopie Ellis-Bextor will be using it as a potential single, and tbh i can't see her pulling it off like Roisin. But I bet it will be a massive hit, which Roisin may regret.

Such a brilliant track...

Anonymous said...

I have mixed feelings about knowing about un-released tracks. Part of me loves knowing about them but then another part of me hates it when they don't get released.

Sunshine wasn't on any website (ASCAP, BMI etc.) so who knows what the other 6 are if she did 30... I'm surprised there wasn't any info about Sunshine actually because of the Cathy Dennis connection.

I'm glad "Off and On" wasn't used, I don't really like it and I hope DLIGTYHB leaks as well. Of course, I hope we get to hear everything being it through official release or leaks...

Anonymous said...

where can I find "Off and On" ? been searching for it and can't find it one the web.

ted said...

Off and On does not fit the album at all. It' s clever ditty, but once one hears the album, it should hopefully be apparent why it wasn't used. I pity Roisin having to sequence tracks for such a monster, as everything I've heard so far has a great mix of artistic merit and commercial potential. And yes, LEAK DLIGTYHB PLEASE!!

Mirko said...

LEAK Don't Let It Go To Your Head Boy PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone confirm that ALL CD versions of the album include the two bonus tracks? I am considering buying the album from a website which only has 11 tracks listed.

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